Eye of a King: Josh Meekz-Rayvon Williams

Josh Meekz-Rayvon Williams is a self-taught photographer from West London. Working full time as an in-house photographer at , Josh’s star is undeniably on the ascent. With striking portraits of familiar faces from the London scene such as AJ Tracey, Mabel and a Converse campaign under his belt, find out why Josh is worth a King’s Ransom…

DSC08248 (1).jpg

What is your passion and how did you discover it?

I’ve always been into the creative side of things and always enjoyed documenting. I see myself as a very visual person, I love imagery and what it does. In addition to the fact that a picture has the ability to capture emotion and tell a story, I appreciate the creativity that goes into it. I’ve always had cameras around me and in my face, the amount of disposable shots my mum has of me is absurd. I got my first camera when I was 14 and I put it to full use. I never really played with the idea of making a career out of it, certain things just lined up. Sometimes a passion is a hard thing to explain in depth, I guess I I took a liking to capturing things and the rest is history.


Which country have you been to that’s influenced you and your work most so far?

Being a photographer I think you get a buzz when you switch up your environment. There’s nothing better than going to new places and having a fresh perspective. New York for me was incredible. It reminded me of London in how busy and fast paced it was and you can find any person there, it felt like such a dynamic city. If I absolutely had to pick one I’d say Jamaica, I’m slightly biased because that’s where my heritage lies but it’s great from a visual perspective. There’s such vibrant colours and great culture.


What do you most want to communicate through your photography?

My ultimate goal is for my work to inspire. People are taking pictures now more than ever, we all have devices capable of taking a good picture in most situations. I love when I look at an image and can dissect all that went into it from a conceptual or storytelling point of view. Another thing I think we miss out on is seeing physical prints of photos, everything is digital now but there is nothing better than seeing an image blown up or in a magazine or journal.


What does King’s Ransom mean to you?

An opportunity to showcase my passion. There is so much talent out there and it’s unfortunate that some people don’t have a platform to make their work more visible. It’s also an opportunity to collaborate which is so key in this field. Two people come together with ideas and both leave with a concept that didn’t exist prior to that.

What does being a Londoner mean to you?

Being part of a diverse environment. Growing up in London I’ve met people from every background I can think of. I feel like this has made me a better person and I’m more accustomed to different ways of life.


What is your photography pet peeve? (Things/ techniques that photographers do/use that wind you up?)

I’ve always been under the impression that everyone is a photographer in their own right. It winds me up when people get overly snobby about it. I don’t believe there are any set rules for photography, guidelines maybe. I’ve never been hugely knowledgeable with specs and the ‘techy’ side of things. I’m self-taught and just do whatever I feel like doing at the time, so my techniques and methods of editing may not be perfect but it’s what works for me.

Picture this – you’ve shot the cover of your first magazine – which one is it and who’s the model?

Isaiah Rashad for i-D magazine.


What’s the next jewel in your treasure chest? (This is a chance to tell us about your latest/upcoming projects so include links, social media etc)

To me photography is a journey. There are so many different genres of photography that you can get involved in. Recently I’ve been shooting a lot of 35mm images on my Yashica T4. You’ll be able to see those on my Instagram (@meeks.rayvon). I want to build towards shooting more editorial style images and getting commissions from magazines and publications. Like I mentioned earlier, I love to travel, so shooting and travelling on a regular basis is what I’m working towards.

Group shot after our Eye of a King shoot

See Josh’s full  Eye of a King shoot here and follow him on Instagram @meekz.rayvon

Keep up with the King’s Ransom Girls on Instagram & Twitter @kingsransom_ldn and on Snapchat: meghan_krldn~komali_krldn

King's Ransom London

Words by Komali Scott-Jones

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