King’s Ransom Royalty: Shayna T Marie

Shayna-Marie is a DJ, radio presenter currently taking over the airwaves on Westside Radio, Monday to Friday, sprinkling fun and laughter wherever she goes. When she’s not flinging your favourite dancehall tunes into the mix; you can catch Shayna presenting at events including The Big Clash and Girl Gang Cyphers with her partner in crime Naysap. Shayna began her radio career co-hosting a show with Naysap on Pulse88 and continues to go from strength to strength. Find out why Shayna-Marie is worth a King’s Ransom…


What is your passion and how did you discover it?

I could honestly sit here and list 1 million things; from having great lashes, to finding an amazing book. Serious though, cliche as it is, mood music is my love. I have endless playlist for my ever-changing mood swings. My dad was a pirate station host (on those stations you can play everything and anything in the world) When I was young I would sing and write songs; I got a bit older and I was the classroom DJ at lunchtime and the go-to if you needed your iPod updated. Now I’m here.

2. If you weren’t a DJ what would you be doing? 

When I was younger I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, so maybe that. I started radio randomly co-hosting a radio show with Naysap (baddest stylist in the world) on Pulse88 we did rising UK talent, had loads of fun had so many sicks guests and kind of realised shit, I like this. I want to do this for real, so I did.

What’s been the most challenging thing that’s happened during a celebrity interview?  

Seriously, Jacquees definitely wanted me, I promise *laughs*. He is a very beautiful man and he made a few comments on and off camera that made me sweat. That was challenging because I’m a bloody professional!

What does King’s Ransom mean to you?

Sassiness, Londoners and going for what you want.

Who’s the next Londoner(s) to look out for?

The production team ‘The FaNaTiX’, every tune so far from them is sick, you’ve definitely heard their songs. They’re going to be huge.

Who’s your ultimate #mcm and which 3 tracks would you play to woo him?

Have to toss a coin between Larenz Tate & Popcaan. The contrast is nuts i know.  Teyana Taylor ft Chris Brown – Do Not Disturb, so I can fling out some sexy(ish) dance moves. Snoop Dogg – Ain’t No Fun, because it’s jokes. Ro James – Permission, just because…

Who do you call when you want to guarantee a perfect night out?

Gang. Lina, Maxine, Dounya & Kirsteen. I could go out with one, two, or all of them and it’s 100% going to be a good night. Especially it’s all of us… get the Magnum bottles in.


8. What’s the next jewel in your treasure chest?

Upcoming plans, ugh, I’m not good at this, I really just go with the wind.  My next jewel will be the shiniest most sparkly rock in the world, aka the top.

Catch Shayna-Marie on Westside Radio / 89.6 FM / GetUp Mon – Fri 7am – 10am  and The Dancehall Show Monday 12am – 2am and keep up with her on Twitter  and Instagram @shaynatmarie

Keep up with the King’s Ransom Girls on Instagram & Twitter @kingsransom_ldn and on our individual Instagram @meghan_krldn ~ @komali_krldn


Words by Komali Scott-Jones

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