Father’s Day – Meghan & Simon

S: All the major arguments I’ve ever had with my wife are about you. 

M : Well that’s good to know that’s how we’ll start the interview 

S: *laughs*

Photo by Fola Abatan

M: When you were growing up did you think about having a kid? Sometimes, I make decisions in situations where I think, ‘will my family be proud of me’, or ‘should I go off on this adventure’ Then I think yes because I want to be able to tell my kids stories and tell them that they should live their best life. Did you ever think like that?

S: The thing that drove me was there’s always something else to see and you might be missing out on brilliant things and people of all colours, shapes and sizes if you just look around the next corner. Go somewhere else, see what it’s like.

M: Was I thought about before I was thought about?

S: Yeah, I always thought to myself,one day I’ll have a child and when they asked me what I did I don’t want to tell them I cycled from my house in Harlow, Essex to the industrial estate and back again. Then sat in the pub every night with my thumb up my arse and never went anywhere.

M: *laughs* 

S: I’m not exactly Lawrence of Arabia, I haven’t been to that many places in the world as a tourist but I have been to places to earn money and that’s opened up my eyes.

M: I know it’s a joke we always make but do you think travel and teeth are the two most important things you wanted to give to your children. You know,get them a good pair of nashers and make sure they’ve seen Thailand before they’re 21. 

S: People talk until they’re blue in the face about people’s physical appearance not being an issue, but if you can express yourself properly in a voice that people understand and you look presentable and well turned out. You’re 75% of the way anywhere. The most important thing is being able to communicate with anyone from anywhere in an articulate and kind way. 

M: How did mum tell you that she was pregnant?

S: She showed me a pregnancy test when I came home.

M: And what was your first thought?

S: Fucking hell! *laughs* No we’d been quite carefully working on it for a while…as a project between the two of us. I was very pleased. And when the gypsies left Alys I felt the same…

IMG_8725 2

M: *laughs* What was one of the funniest things I did when I was little?

S: You were funny all day, every time you stood up and moved around and heard a piece of music, facial expressions. Obviously, the medication helped…

M: Oh my god *laughs*

S: You were a brilliant child, inquisitive, you were funny, intelligent, you wanted to know what everything was, there were a million funny things.

M: What qualities do you think I showed then that you think are exactly the same now?

S: I don’t think any external forces have shaped you, if you don’t want to do something you don’t do it. If you feel forced into doing something you just go ‘fuck off’. Which I think is the default position of the family anyway, ‘like who the fuck are you’ You fiercely defend your family and never back down. Your loyalty is one of your strongest points and your inability to be intimidated by anybody. People physically stronger than you don’t intimidate you. When I was a kid I always thought I’d teach you to fight if you had the propensity to. Just so if you ever were in a situation, you’d be like this is what I do now.

M: *laughs* yeah knock you out!

S: It doesn’t matter if they’re 6 times stronger, you can win because you have the skill. Plus your Glasgow banter from mum means you can talk them down without raising a finger.

M: How did you used to dress me?

S: Half the time you were in pink and frilly stuff but it occurred to me that you had more freedom to play in jeans and kickers. Subconsciously I dressed you like I would dress myself. Also, so you wouldn’t be gender specific when it comes to wardrobe, you know, you could just be yourself *laughs* and not follow phallocentric of what a girl should dress like yeah, yeah, power to the people! *laughs*

ANZU2050 2

M: What’s been one of your proudest moments?

S: King’s Ransom – your commitment and the way that you’ve built that, you haven’t sat on your arse and instead made stuff happen. You’ve found out how to do things you didn’t already know and anything you’ve wanted to do you’ve done. You came back from your video shoot in Spain the other day where you had to get 16 people in a villa, amongst all the chaos that went on you stuck through it. You’ve got an innate sense of right and wrong, and how to handle yourself even when you’re in a foreign country you still get shit done.

M: What do you think I’ll be like as a parent?

S: I think you’ll be a very good parent, The problem that arises is, any child is a combo of any the 100,0000 million people that have lived with that DNA throughout history. Your child may not listen to you or understand you so you have to learn to adapt. I think you’ll be very affectionate and you have a natural connection with children wherever you go. They gravitate towards you and I think that’ll be brilliant.

M: Probably because we have the same reading age so we understand each other. *laughs* 

S: Children listen to their instinct and they know they can trust you and they like you and that you’re fun. 

M: Am I the person that you envisioned me growing up to be?

S: Yep! Willful when you want to be and brilliant when you’re not being willful. If you asked me if I recognized the 13th-month-old to the 24-year-old now I’d say absolutely. You like yourself the way you are, some people don’t like you for being honest, straightforward, self-assured, confident, artistic, clever, that’s their problem, not yours.

Photo by Fola Abatan

M: What’s one thing I’ve said in my life that was ballsy for a child?

*Meghan’s mum Evelyn* When you stood up in your year 6 assembly when you had to talk about your journey through primary school. You spoke about it being difficult and you having problems reading because you’re dyslexic. In front of the whole assembly you said Mrs Clark (your very first teacher) said you were stupid because you couldn’t read – she was sitting front row. Then continued to say and mummy said “who is she to tell you that you can’t read. You will be able to read just like everyone just not at the same time as everybody else” I remember everyone hiding as you were saying it.

M: Obviously we’re twins but in what ways are we similar and what ways are we not?

S: We’re similar in our levels of tolerance of stupid people that want to get in our way. Also, how we approach problems- getting it done, we always find a way to do something, fix something. We’re not similar in the way we’re comfortable in untidy environments though…

M: *laughs*

S: That’s about it. 

M: So basically mum tidies up for you, and I’m a bit messier because mum doesn’t live in my room. 

S: I didn’t say anything about mum tidying up for me……..I don’t see that as a similarity. *laughs* 

Photo by Fola Abatan

M: And we’re both incredibly good looking.

S: Do I love you? Yes I do 

M: I knew the answer to that already.  

Photo by Fola Abatan

Edited by Komali

Photography by Fola Abatan

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