That New New…

We’ve got some brand new gems falling out of the KR treasure chest, right onto our web store.

The first of these is our Fly Vests, available in Crimson Red, Army Green and Midnight Black. These are designed in the style of fisherman vests, made for efficient fishing trips. The first modern incarnation of these was put together by Lee Wulff in the early 1930s. Wulff wanted a vest, with pockets, compartments and hooks, that anglers could wear that could house all their tackle, proving hugely popular across the fishing community.

A developed and improved design was released after WWII named the “Lee Wulff Tak-L-Pac”. This proved popular with anglers and the military alike. We design our clothes with the hard-working, dynamic and active customer in mind. Whether you’re a photographer on set for 12 hours a day, or an artist on tour you’ll look wavey in one of these.The vests feature a red wax seal, detachable sheep skin patch and a print to the (retractable) back panel with a nod to the design’s military beginnings.


Our brand new Utility Pouches are designed so you to carry your world off one shoulder. Wearable across your body or round your waist, our pouches come in 3 clean colours. At £15 you can afford to cop all 3 and interchange them with your mood!


Shop the new products on our web store now!

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