Eye of a King: Ed Thorn

Ed Thorn is the latest photographer to grace our Eye of a King series, featuring artist and DJ Shaun Sky. Although Ed’s day to day job is in advertising, photography is one of his passions that he pursues in spare time. We all wish we could be as good as he is at our hobbies! Read more to find out why Ed is worth a King’s Ransom…

Shaun Sky in our Fly Vest in Army. Click to shop

What is your passion and how did you discover it?

Photography. Passion and subject matter have changed over the years. I think the consistent theme in my work has been texture, something as subtle as skin pores or as obvious as grass in a landscape. 

What’s the hardest part about your job?

Trying to create my own digital look. I always used to shoot in black & white and in film and I knew what my style is. I feel like I’m learning everything again since starting to shoot digitally. 


What does King’s Ransom mean to you? 

Ha, I mean we’re all aware that you guys are much cooler than me right? Does that answer the question? 

What’s your favourite place to shoot in London?

Either Richmond Park or Canary wharf. 


What’s the most extravagant thing on your bucket list?   

I have to go to iceland. And not in a tourist way but in a camper van and in depths of winter. 

If we gave you a flamingo, where would you hide it?    

Do I have to hide it? Thinking it would look pretty jokes with just it’s head popping out the top of my backpack.

What’s the next jewel in your treasure chest?

If you asked the mrs she’d say a ring! I’m probably going with a drone though… always love an upgrade.


See the full gallery of Ed’s Eye of a King shoot here

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King's Ransom London

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