Eye of a King: Qavi Reyez

Qavi Reyez is a young photographer from East London who has been hustling his way to the top of the game since he first picked up a camera. Working hard and making valuable industry connections, he has shot for modelling agencies, artists and brands such as Ted Baker, Monster and Iceberg. Find out why he’s worth a King’s Ransom… … More Eye of a King: Qavi Reyez

Mother’s Day: Meghan & Evelyn

We spoke to the King’s Ransom mums’ to find out what their motherhood experience was like, how it changed their lives and what they did to raise two strong-willed girls who have been plotting world domination since they were in nappies… … More Mother’s Day: Meghan & Evelyn

Eye of a King: NYC

Our beautiful KR Original Rand is the face of our first ever transatlantic Eye of a King shoot. Shot by the prolific Joshua Meekz-Rayvon Williams; the official photographer of online TV show PAQ and shooter for our one of our previous Eye of a King shoots. 

The pair took to the streets of Williamsburg, New York City to create a little KR magic Stateside. … More Eye of a King: NYC

King’s Ransom Royalty: Nyanza D

Nyanza is a 22 year old visual artist and animator from London. Best known for her ‘Monchi’ series which was first seen in 2014. Drawing influence from the vibrant pop art aesthetic, Nyanza places modern day women as her “contemporary muses”. Her work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Afropunk and Mic to name a few. Find out what makes this talented illustrator worth a King’s Ransom. … More King’s Ransom Royalty: Nyanza D