Eye of a King: Qavi Reyez

Qavi Reyez is a young photographer from East London who has been hustling his way to the top of the game since he first picked up a camera. After starting out doing photo walks with Instagram models, Qavi plucked up the courage to message one of his favourite artists who was performing at SBTV’s Summer Cookout in 2016. He snuck in to get the money shot and the pictures went viral on Twitter. Qavi’s confidence continued to grow and making valuable industry connections he has shot for modelling agencies, artists and brands such as Ted Baker, Monster and adidas. Find out why he’s worth a King’s Ransom…


What is your passion and how did you discover it?

Photography is my main passion, in the early part of 2016, I had just left my Job at John Lewis and was unemployed. I hate sitting around so while I was planning my next steps, I decided to try my hand at something new. I was encouraged by a few friends in the scene at the time who saw potential in me. They told me to give it my best shot and invest in a camera as at the time, I was taking photos on my Samsung Galaxy S6.

Which photograph do you wish you’d taken?

There’s not a picture I can think of but there are some amazingly talented people out there taking photos around the world and inspiring me. One of my favourites is this one by my friend Bob Sizoo

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 10.20.01.png

What does King’s Ransom mean to you?
King’s Ransom to me is all about hustling for what you are truly worth but as a family. You help each other strive, you pass on information that benefits one another. King’s Ransom is a family brand and anyone supporting is part of that movement, everyone involved is out there doing something amazing with their careers or looking to take that step and make it happen. No Risk, no Reward.

Our model Nathaniel, with the King’s Ransom Girls and Qavi (l-r)

What do you constantly waste hours doing?

Some days I literally waste time daydreaming, I can do that for a good 30 minutes at a time, not moving a muscle without realising.

You wake up one morning and your face is plastered all over the papers why?

I hope I somehow won the national lottery even though I don’t play!


Who’s the next Londoner to look out for?

I’d have to say my friend Zahhar who I first met on my first photowalk, before I’d even bought a camera and was still using my phone! Zahhar is definitely the future! At the time he was 13 and had already amassed a huge Instagram following. He’s an amazing photographer, now at the age of 17 the world is at his feet! I do my best to guide him as much as I can.

What’s the next jewel in your treasure chest?

Travel Travel Travel!! I would like to start my journey into seeing the world and connecting with creatives all over! I haven’t been able to travel much due to being so busy in London. It’s finally time to go off and explore!


See Qavi’s full Eye of a King shoot here and follow him on Instagram @qavi_reyez

Keep up with the King’s Ransom Girls on Instagram & Twitter @kingsransom_ldn and on their personal Instagram: @meghan_krldn ~ @komali_krldn

King's Ransom London

Words by Komali Scott-Jones


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